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Tasteless of Evil - A glance at the Elysium of Battle Creek

Created and maintained by the Harpies of the MES sanctioned Vampire the Requiem game Taste of Evil in Battle Creek, Michigan. This wiki exists to provide incoming players as well as current players with the news of the city.

Warning: These pages contain more than the recommended daily value of snark. All information herein is to be taken as in character knowledge unless otherwise noted. However, all information herein should also be taken as apocryphal, or at least wildly inaccurate. The obvious exception being pages marked as "Out of Character" which will contain facts (at least the closest we can get to achieving them)

Assume that all information herein is IC knowledge, although I will need to speak with a storyteller regarding if this constitutes a breach in the masquerade.

(If this becomes a breach somehow, I'm gonna be all sorts of frustrated, this took two weeks to get everything working)

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